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Unveiling Greatness: The British Gymnastics Championships 2024

Unveiling Greatness: The British Gymnastics Championships 2024

As the gymnastics world geared up for a spectacular showcase of talent, precision, and athleticism, all eyes turn to the highly anticipated 2024 British Gymnastics Championships last weekend. 

The British Gymnastics Championships are cornerstone event in the nation's gymnastics calendar, bringing together elite athletes from across the country to compete for glory and the coveted title of national champion. The blend of experience and youthful exuberance creates a dynamic and thrilling atmosphere throughout the competition. This year is extra special, with it being an Olympic Year. For many athletes, this helps forge a path towards a dream to represent their country on the global stage and marks a crucial step towards realising their Olympic dreams, adding an extra layer of intensity to the competition. 

We saw Quatro Ambassadors, Ondine Achampong dazzle at competition, placing first in the all-around. Ondine scored a 55.950. Joining Ondine was Quatro Ambassador Ruby Evans with silver, scoring a 54.200. “I’m so proud. I feel like I’ve massively gained in confidence this Olympic cycle and feel like a different gymnast both in the way I train and the way I compete. To win the British title is a massive achievement and to do it in Olympic year feels especially good”, Ondine Acahampong, 

Courtney Tulloch took home the Bronze All-Around with a 80.150 in the senior division. We had the pleasure of seeing Quatro Influencer, Alex Niscoveanu place third as a junior in the men's division!

Whilst at the electrifying British Championships, Quatro Gymnastics debuted the 'Going for Gold' collection highlighting the countries' respective colours in a colourful array of show-stopping leotards featuring the United States, France, and Great Britain. This collection was showcased at the Quatro Fashion Show on Friday night before dropping online for everyone to come together and share in the excitement of this special year!

We invite you to check out the collection and take part in outfitting the new generation of gymnasts!

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