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Staying safe online

We encourage our community to act responsibly and safely when uploading any images onto the internet in any format. At Quatro, the sport of gymnastics and our community mean the world to us. We want to be able to share children’s passions, hopes and dreams and help celebrate their successes and journey through the sport.

Our marketing team regularly sweeps our social accounts and block/report any that appear to be suspicious. We also work within our community to notify other brands, influential individuals, and sporting bodies who are being followed by inappropriate accounts.

We constantly review and update our social media guidelines in order to keep the welfare and identity of our community safe.

Take a few moments to read our social media guidelines here:

  • We will NOT share user generated content if child appears under 13 years old
  • We will only share posts we are tagged in or otherwise have permission to share by the account holder
  • Be aware that by tagging us in your post you are giving us permission to share it whether your account is private or not, visible to a limited audience, or public as we are unaware of individuals' privacy settings
  • We will only share images on the platform we were tagged in unless we have the creator’s consent to use across different platforms
  • We do not store any user's content on personal devices
  • We will not share any user's data (including full names) other than your social handle to credit your post and notify you that we have shared your content
  • When sharing we will take into consideration the pose, and image crop – we may crop images ourselves to meet our guidelines
  • We will prioritise images where shorts/leggings are worn over leotards
  • When you share a post or tag us, please ensure everyone in that image or video has given their permission for you to do so
  • We will not share any posts which include swearing, derogatory remarks (including TikTok sounds/dances) or any other content which we deem to be inappropriate

Where we make contact with our community via private messages on our social channels, we will always do so via our official accounts and we will now be adding our initials to responses, so you can be sure you are dealing with one of our team. Please share any activity you deem to be suspicious with us at

For your peace of mind and our community’s safety, all of the Quatro team have been DBS checked, including the marketing team who manage our social channels.

In 2019, Quatro partnered with NSPCC to produce an online safety campaign - set to launch at the British Championships this year. Unfortunately, that campaign was cancelled due to COVID-19 however, we are hoping to release it very soon. In the meantime we ask that you familiarise yourself with the O2 NSPCC online safety resources HERE

Thank you all for raising the awareness through your social channels the more we can do to protect our children and community the better, we have to educate ourselves, parents and children about the importance of online safety and we hope that our partnership with the NSPCC will be able to provide the right guidelines to all to help our community stay safe.

If you need support about something that might be happening in your child’s sports club, the Child Protection in Sport Unit have advice and support on what you can do HERE

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